Company History

Ready Thai Foods was found in 2016 by a local family who had been in southern foods production in 3 years. Using experiences from earlier generations, application of suitable Western and Eastern management approaches and the global trend of food consumption and more specific target market focusing on natural, healthy, organic, convenient products.


What the company does

The company is a manufacturer of southern foods products, mainly various types of yellow curry with crab and basil and seasoning. And include processing agricultural products, such as rice, wheat and etc., to shelf stable finished products in dried or sterilized form as well as mixing and repacking ingredients as a component of finished product.

Business concept

The company produce products under its private brand. The principle concept is to make products with natural ingredient, non-GMO and where applicable organic, fair trade, high nutrition and healthy . And coming soon we have 3 new products

Products on sale

1.Yellow Curry with Crab and Basil Products

Yellow Curry including :

– Organic Crab

– Coconut Milk

– Thai Herb

– Basil


Mrs.Anatpicha Hongsingthong (Beam)
Product and Management Manager

What people

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